Kicking Off the Fall Season in the Fraser Valley

Hello everyone! It feels like it has been SO LONG since I’ve checked in with you all here! If you’ve been keeping tabs on my Facebook and Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been pretty busy with traveling around the province. I meant to write a post for you all last week but unfortunately did not have the time. I’ve just landed back in Vancouver and am excited to reflect on the past few weeks and share them all with you!

FV 4

Where to begin. The last two weeks I’ve been traveling around Northern BC, but before that, I spent a week exploring the Fraser Valley, which I’ll discuss in a bit more detail. I always enjoy taking the time to explore other areas of the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley is no exception. This was my first week of traveling on the road for work, and it was a very busy week! I’m glad I had the chance to check out a bit of the Valley in between driving all over the place for visits.

FV 3

I explored throughout Langley, Chilliwack, Hope and Agassiz, Mission, and Abbotsford – not necessarily in that order and many of these places I visited multiple times! I spent this week traveling with one of my fellow colleagues, which was really fun. We had a lot of bonding time together and got the chance to meet many new colleagues as well. Exploring these other cities and also more rural areas in Hope and Agassiz was awesome. I have visited much of the Fraser Valley previously, but that has mainly been through the form of driving along the highway to get to Vancouver. It was nice to explore them all in a bit more detail, off the beaten path.

FV 6

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to take a ton of photos, because we had a super busy week, but the memories are definitely special from this trip. It was a great way to start off the fall season, and it has only continued to get busier from there! After my time in the Fraser Valley, I headed up North for a couple of weeks. I’ll be heading up North again soon and after that, I’ll be back in the Lower Mainland, including the Fraser Valley, for a little bit. I am so excited to continue exploring the province, and sharing the journey with all of you. Keep tabs on my adventures at #chiaraexploresbc on Instagram and Facebook! More to come very soon. 🙂

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