Celebrating 2020 and a New Decade

Welcome to 2020! We’re officially in a new decade!! I’m so excited to be entering a new year and all of the resolutions that will come along with it. With that said, I have been holding back a bit and waiting to release this post. There’s always a bit of craziness during this time, and I wanted to let myself actually relax and enjoy it before I begin to dive in to planning for this next year, and next decade all together. I hope you all took some time to enjoy the holiday season as well!

Before we dive into my hopes for the new year, let’s talk about the holidays. I jetted back to the Okanagan to spend a couple of weeks catching up with friends and the fam. It was really nice to take some time off and relax. I went snowshoeing, drank a lot of wine, and ate a ton of food. It was great.

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The holidays are always a bit bumpy when reconnecting with family. It was definitely a bit of a whirlwind this time around. But on the whole, it was a good visit, and I’ll be heading back to the Okanagan soon for another one.

I made it back to Vancouver just in time to ring in 2020 and the start of a new decade! It’s crazy to believe how quickly time goes. I moved to Vancouver two years ago and so much has happened in that time. It has made me reflect a lot on the past year in particular.

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2019 was probably one of the craziest years I’ve had to date. The year started with some heath complications that escalated much more than I had expected. I spent the majority of 2019 dealing with these health issues, and though it hasn’t fully been resolved, the year did end with me mostly feeling better. Apart from health issues, I did have some major achievements this year. I graduated from university, which was huge. A few months later, I landed my dream job working at UBC, which was also huge. In between all of that, I also traveled on a grad trip to Bali and Australia, and though it was bumpy due to my health issues, it was still a good trip overall. I also traveled throughout BC extensively this fall season, which was really exciting. It was definitely a year full of ups and downs. I’m choosing to focus on the positives as much as I can, and hoping to continue to carry that energy with me into 2020.

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So before jumping in fully to this new decade, let’s take another look at the past year. This has actually been the year I’ve written the most on the site thus far, and I also launched a major site revamp in the spring to celebrate the site’s three-year anniversary. My two most popular posts from 2019 include my rant about how we can’t do it all, and that’s completely okay, and another post discussing completing my undergrad degree. And my most popular post of this decade, since I started this site in 2016, was actually one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written back in 2017, The Wake-Up Call.  I hope you’ll check them out if you haven’t already! It has been a wild ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for the site.

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2019 has been a hell of a year. I’m looking forward to this next year and the next decade, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of my plans about what they may hold for me soon 😉 Cheers to only good things! #2020

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