Winter in the Okanagan

Happy December! Can y’all believe its already December?? 2020 has sure been a hell of a roller coaster, but the end of the year is near. It is crazy to think of how the past year has gone, and how the holidays are almost already upon us. This year is definitely going to be different than years past due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself thinking about what the holidays are going to bring, and living in the moment a bit more.

Lately, I have not been doing much, as the days have gotten shorter, colder and darker as winter creeps in. The recent provincial health order due to COVID-19 has also restricted BC residents to stay within their region, so I have been spending more time at home than usual. However, I was lucky enough to recently take a brief trip to Kelowna (still within my region) and celebrate my birthday with those in my bubble. We took all health and safety precautions and were still able to enjoy some wine tasting, which was super fun. I got to visit a bunch of wineries in Kelowna that I had never been to before! A couple of my favorites include Tantalus, which had absolutely incredible wine and a beautiful view of Kelowna out of floor to ceiling windows, and Cedar Creek, though we did not taste any wine there I did find where I believe my wedding venue will be with a beautiful backdrop of the valley and Okanagan Lake. (Don’t worry everyone, I am not getting married anytime soon, just planning for maybe one day in the far far future 😉 ) We also visited The View Winery and got to sample some cider, which was delicious and a fun way to switch things up during our tastings. Highly recommend visiting these wineries safely when you can – ensure to wear masks when not tasting and socially distance while at the wineries as well <3

Apart from wine tasting, we spent a lot of time hanging out at home, ordering in and cooking our own food, and watching some movies. It was really nice to spend some quality time together with my bubble and enjoy each other’s company. Especially considering that it looks like restrictions for COVID-19 will continue to increase the closer we get to the holidays, it was nice to enjoy that time while it lasted. The drive up to Kelowna was nice as well, it’s always good to get a change of scenery and go for a drive, taking in the beautiful landscape where we live. Stopping for a refreshing winter walk here and there is always a great activity as well. One of my favorite places to stop along the drive is in Peachland, right along the water – absolutely stunning! The day we visited it was extremely windy and cold so we didn’t walk for very long, but it was still nice to breathe in that fresh air and soak up the beauty of the valley.

After my weekend in Kelowna, I have been hunkering down as I mentioned and staying really close to home. Working from home as well means I hardly leave the house, and as the days continue to get colder and darker and shorter, it is getting even harder to convince myself to go out! I try to go for a walk around lunchtime each day, when it is usually not as cold and a bit more sunny, to get that fresh air and some activity in at the same time. Otherwise, I have been doing mostly indoor activities and really starting to get into the holiday spirit. We just put our Christmas trees up and have been doing lots of decorating for the holidays. I have also been baking a lot more recently, which has been a ton of fun and a great creative outlet as well. I forgot how much I actually enjoyed baking and trying out new creations in the kitchen. Yoga and other workout classes have also been a constant for me and something I am hoping to continue to focus on, even as the holidays draw near and we tend to get distracted with other things going on. Doing my best to be intentional with my time and gift-giving this season! I finished my Christmas shopping very early and I’m actually almost done wrapping my gifts, which is exciting for me because it means I will have more time to relax once it gets closer to the holidays.

In terms of work, I have recently transitioned to another department, as happens for me in my unique position every year around this time. This means I have been undergoing a lot of training while transitioning to this department. Though it brought a bit of Zoom fatigue, as I’m sure many of us are feeling right now, it went pretty well overall and my transition is now complete. The next couple of weeks will be busy implementing what I have learned in training, before I take a couple of weeks off for the holidays. With everything that has gone on this year, it is definitely a good idea to have a break and fully process the rollercoaster that has been 2020. As it seems this situation is going to keep continuing for quite some time, it is necessary to also consider what the new year will bring. I’ll be thinking about that a lot in time, but for now, I am looking forward to concentrating on work for the next couple of weeks and then taking some time off to really relax and recharge over the holidays.

Looking forward to sharing more of the holidays with you all, especially as most of our sharing this year will be done virtually! You can visit my Instagram to follow along, I have been posting more regularly on my stories the shenanigans that I have been getting up to as we near the holiday season. Don’t forget to also follow me on Facebook for regular updates as well! Hope you all have a great December and last month of 2020, stay safe and remember, we have been faced with a global pandemic and many other circumstances this year – don’t be too hard on yourself, you are doing amazing and I am so proud of you for (almost) making it through this year. Keeping you all in my thoughts!! Much love xo <3

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