Celebrating Five Years of chiaragoesglobal!

Thank you for joining us today!!! Today, we are celebrating something major: FIVE YEARS of CHIARAGOESGLOBAL!!!!! <3

It is so crazy to believe I have been on this journey for five years now: writing and sharing my story with you all. So much has changed during that time, and many of these changes have been captured through chiaragoesglobal. Let’s take a look back at some of the most pivotal moments throughout the past five years.

The start of it all: our first post

I think it is always important to take a look back at where we have begun, to see just how far we’ve come. This journey wouldn’t have taken place if I hadn’t decided to sit down and start writing after my first solo trip in Europe/the UK in 2016. The very first post from that series was about Prague, my first stop on my solo trip. Since then, the blog has expanded to focus on many other aspects than just travel, but in the beginning travel was very much the focus of chiaragoesglobal (hence the name). Though travel continues to be at the heart of a lot of experiences I have and share with you all, I am glad to have opened up chiaragoesglobal for other discussions as well.

Important Updates to the Site

Over the years, we have had a few major updates to the site. As mentioned, in 2016 the majority of my writing was focused on travelling abroad. When I returned back to Canada, I felt like I didn’t have much to write about, and took a bit of a hiatus from writing. Though another international trip in 2017 kick-started my desire to reboot the blog, this was also the beginning of taking the blog in some new directions, including writing about my adventures within Canada. The blog was re-designed and re-launched in 2017 with a new look and feel. In 2019, the blog was additionally expanded into a full-fledged website. The new website featured more information about my academics and work background, which gave a much more holistic feel. Again, this marked the transition into different topics of discussion on the website, allowing us to grow in new directions.

Graduating from University

As chiaragoesglobal was started when I was on an exchange during my undergraduate degree, a lot of what I was experiencing and writing about was tied to my experiences as a student. I am very glad I had the chance to share so many of these experiences with you all, including my UBC bucket list adventures in the last year of my degree. Sharing my graduation with you all was another big moment, and marked a shift in what I write about at chiaragoesglobal. No longer being a student meant discussing different topics as I transitioned into the working world full-time. Having this opportunity to grow has been a big one, and I am glad to be able to share this transition with all of you.

Discussions of mental health

Mental health has become a topic I have been discussing more and more frequently, as my own mental health journey has evolved over the years. However, I do think parts of it has been woven throughout some of my earlier posts as well. Most notably, The Wake-Up Call was one of my most popular posts of all time, representing a major transition from living in the Okanagan to moving to Toronto, and later Vancouver. More recently, My 2020 Mental Health Journey discussed a fuller picture of my journey throughout the pandemic and just prior, up until early 2021. Though my mental health journey is ongoing, I am glad to have the space for these discussions at chiaragoesglobal. There will continue to be a focus on mental health in the future.

Various critiques

Over time, I have increasingly shared more posts in my Critical Thoughts category, examining multiple topics through a critical lens and providing critiques. These critiques have ranged from discussing nationalism and colonialism, the BLM movement, white supremacy, toxic positivity, the self-love movement, and most recently, a critical analysis of The Bachelor Franchise. I thank those who have taken the time to engage with these important topics. I will continue to share my thoughts and critiques on similar subjects in the future.

What’s Coming Next?

With all of the progress and growth that has happened over the past five years, it’s important for me to take some time to really soak it in. Five years is a long time to be dedicated to this journey, and I am so grateful for all of you who have shared parts of it with me along the way!

With that said, we have a very exciting new project in the works. We will be launching the project NEXT WEEK, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Keep checking back at this spot on our website, and you can also follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates. In addition, we have just launched a new Instagram page to celebrate the launch, so make sure to give @chiaragoesglobal a follow on Instagram so you hear the news as soon as it is announced!!!

Thank you to all of you for joining me on this journey. The past five years have been truly incredible, and I am looking forward to everything to come. Much love to you all! <3

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  1. Woop woop! Congrats on your five year mark. What a great milestone. Wishing you many more years to come. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled on this spot for sure!

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