Summer is Here!

Happppy June everybody – and happy first day of summer! The past two or so months have been pretty crazy busy over here at chiaragoesglobal. I realize I haven’t had the chance to check in or give an update with you all due to all of the projects we’ve been working on, and as we are heading into summer (or already in the thick of it in the Okanagan!), I thought now was the perfect time.

So, a quick recap of everything that’s gone on these past couple of months: we celebrated five years here at chiaragoesglobal, which was a major milestone for us. To celebrate, we also launched our very own podcast, The chiaragoesglobal Podcast. If you haven’t had the chance to listen already, head to the podcast section of our website to listen right here – or, you can listen wherever podcasts are available. As we headed towards the end of May, I took a look back at my UBC graduation from two years ago, and also had the pleasure to celebrate the graduation of my sister and my cousin – both UBC grads as well. After an incredibly challenging year due to the pandemic, it was nice to take the time to celebrate their accomplishments, though much of the celebration was virtual due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Most recently, I discussed how these ongoing impacts have affected me and some ways we can continue to support our mental health as we head into the next phase of the pandemic.

The world is starting to open up again, which I think is equally terrifying and exciting. I cannot WAIT to spend more time with friends, go travelling again, and truly be able to cherish many of the things we took for granted prior to the pandemic. The terrifying part is none of us know exactly what it will look like, and it will definitely be an adjustment to get “back to normal,” as they say. I am hopeful that “back to normal” will actually be the creation of a new normal, that is more equitable, loving, and caring – for each other and for our planet. We have a lot of work to do to move forward after all of these challenges presented in the past year and a half, but I am hopeful that we can get there by working together and extending care to one another.

In the midst of all of these changes, I had a few big milestones as well. I paid off my student loans, which was a major step forward for me. Recently, I also made a big decision and purchased a car! The reason I decided to do so is because I have made the decision to stay in the Okanagan for the next year or so, and I wanted to ensure I had a reliable mode of transportation to support my lifestyle and continue to connect with friends/family throughout the Okanagan and beyond. I am very excited and looking forward to the many adventures to come. Having already received my first dose of the vaccine has me even more excited for the potential of the summer! Lots of big changes around here, but lots to look forward to as well in the coming months.

What does the rest of the summer hold then? Well, hopefully a second dose of the vaccine, first and foremost. Along with that, I am hoping and planning for lots of adventuring and connecting with friends while I have a bit of down time this summer. I have a big trip planned for the end of July, that I am SO EXCITED about, but I will hold off on revealing the destination for now to build some suspense 😉 the highlight of the trip will definitely be connecting with a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time, which I truly cannot wait for. Ultimately, the biggest piece of excitement is just that: connecting with friends again. It feels like it has been a really long time since we have been able to do that and after all of the shit that we have gone through this past year and a half, connections with friends are much needed. I’ve already had the chance to see some friends recently who I haven’t seen in awhile, and I am looking forward to more of those moments. I can’t wait for the rest of the summer!

So that’s me! It’s been busy around here but I am looking forward to a more relaxing summer before heading into a busy fall. The rest of the summer will include trips, lots of wine tasting, and soaking up some Okanagan sunshine. Tell me, what are your summer plans as the world begins to open up again? Anywhere you are excited to visit, or people you’re excited to see? Let me know in the comments! Sending love to you all! <3

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