The Great Debate: Hustling vs. Balance

Late fall is always an interesting time of year. Apart from the seasonal changes that can often be accompanied by shifts in mood, it’s also generally a busy time of year for me with a lot going on. When we find ourselves in these busy seasons, it can be easy to get caught up in a hustling mindset, and feel that we always need to be doing more and being more – rushing through stages and on to the next one as fast as we simply can. Perhaps this comes from living in a capitalist society where we are drawn to always want more. Regardless, it can sometimes feel that the hustling mindset is everywhere we look. If you work hard, and continue to do so, you will get great things – but at what point does it stop? Is there ever time for rest or a break, or is it always on to the next best thing?

I believe this is where the concept of balance comes in. To me, balance acknowledges that you can’t do it all and if you consistently follow a hustling mindset, you are at risk of burning out. Of course, different strategies work for different people. But I do think for many of us, we need time to rest and reset every now and then. We are not machines programmed to continue working and pushing forward above all odds – we are humans, after all.

Balance allows you to have a combination of different aspects of your life without being laser-focused on one particular area. I think for many people, work or their career can become the centre of their lives and they may be hustling in this area, while neglecting other areas. I have definitely felt this way in the past and still do at times. It is so important to devote time to multiple aspects of our lives for our holistic health and wellbeing. Those areas could include creativity, physical health, relationships, education, relaxation, self-care, and so much more. One of the best things about balance is that you can define what it looks like, and focus on the areas of your life that are the most important to you for feeling fulfilled.

You may have to be careful when approaching balance, though. If you add on too many different areas that you think are important, it is possible to slip back into a hustling mindset for these areas and suddenly feel that you need to do everything at once. That is not the case – balance should be about making your life easier and more manageable, not more stressful. Ensure you are only taking on what you can handle, and remember that we can’t possibly do it all. Rest is an important part of balance too.

Currently, I am working on regaining some more balance in my life – which is always easier said than done. Perhaps it will always be a work in progress, and that’s okay. It has been particularly heavy for me lately in certain areas of my life. I am trying to focus more on mental health and wellbeing as we head into the next couple of months before the year draws to a close. I definitely feel the pressures of hustling creeping in every now and then: the desire to always be doing more. I am continually reminding myself that hustling is not a sustainable option for me, and I need to be intentional about how I am spending my time to fulfill multiple areas of my life. It’s okay if one area takes over for a little bit, especially when we are going through a hard time, but regaining that balance is still important. I find when I am not living a balanced life that I feel a bit all over the place, and I much prefer feeling centred and grounded and content. These feelings are something I will continually strive for.

What are some ways you can bring more balance into your life? Well, I would start by identifying what the most important things are to you. Then, try to build a schedule or a lifestyle that incorporates each of these aspects on a regular basis. If you are not able to find a way to fit in something that is really important to you, then maybe it is time to make a change so you can fit it in, so it is sustainable over the long term. I think this exercise is also helpful in determining what we want our lives to look like. Setting boundaries is also really important to ensure you stick to the desired structure you want. Again, it is very easy for one part of our lives to spill over into another, but having boundaries in place can help prevent this from happening. Remember: it’s okay to say no and allow ourselves to enjoy multiple aspects of our lives. You deserve it.

Do you have any strategies for dealing with a hustling mindset, or finding ways to cultivate balance in your own life? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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