Academic Journey

I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia in 2019. Here are a few of the highlights throughout my time at UBC.

Dual Campus Experience

During my degree, I studied at both UBC’s Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. I began my studies at the Okanagan campus, studying English and Cultural Studies, before transferring to the Vancouver campus to complete my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience studying at both campuses, and each has shaped my life immensely!

I truly enjoy what I study and have had a few key highlights throughout my academic career. One includes completing a Community-Engaged Research course in Cultural Studies while at the Okanagan campus. For this course, I was part of a team of students that worked in collaboration with a community partner to further their initiatives. We compiled a report about the potential positive impacts that the implementation of parklets could have on the City of Kelowna, and presented this report to vital City stakeholders. It was an incredible opportunity and I am so grateful that UBC provides hands-on learning experiences like this one!

Another highlight for me was completing my own Directed Studies course under the supervision of a Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) professor while at the Vancouver campus. I created my own syllabus and evaluation, so to speak, and was guided by a professor while I conducted my research and prepared my paper. My directed studies focused on accessibility to post-secondary education, particularly at the institution of UBC. My final paper was written utilizing  a critical, decolonial lens, and I am hoping to learn more about accessibility to post-secondary education in the future.

All in all, I am very happy that I studied something I am so passionate about. I am very grateful to all of the faculty, staff, and fellow students who have contributed to my learning along the way. You can find samples of my academic work here.

Presenting some of my work at the GRSJ F-Word Conference at UBC Vancouver in 2018.

International Experiences

I have also had the extraordinary opportunity to take part in some international learning experiences throughout my degree. The first of these experiences was my one-semester exchange at the University of Manchester, which prompted starting this site in the first place! Exchange was an incredible opportunity to push myself outside of my comfort zone, learn a lot about people and the world around me, and learn a lot about myself too.

A year later, I also had the opportunity to take part in a global seminar. This seminar involved travelling abroad for three weeks with a group of fellow students and a professor. It takes learning outside of the classroom to new heights! Not only did I learn a lot academically and personally through travelling during this trip, I also made some incredible new friends. My experience with the global seminar was truly life changing and prompted my eventual transfer to UBC’s Vancouver campus. I am very fortunate to have taken part in so many incredible international learning opportunities!

On exchange at the University of Manchester.


The foundation I have built through completing my BA has provided me with a critical lens for the future. I believe this lens will be applicable in anything that I do, and I am looking forward to experiencing what comes next.



The following pieces of work were produced during the completion of my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of British Columbia.

Parklets: Innovations in Urban Public Space – Examining the Positive Impacts of Parklets for the Future of Kelowna

Produced at UBC Okanagan for Community-Engaged Research in Cultural Studies, in collaboration with Tessa Baatz and Emma Mcleod – 2017

Accessibility to Post-Secondary Education at UBC: A Critical, Decolonial Approach to Financial Accessibility

Produced at UBC Vancouver for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) Directed Studies – 2019

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