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Work Experience

I have been very lucky to have had many work opportunities to expand my skill set while also writing and getting the opportunity to explore, no matter where I am! Since my graduation from university in 2019, I am very excited to have taken the first step in my career post-graduation through my current position.

Associate Recruiter Admissions Advisor at The University of British Columbia

Currently, I am an Associate Recruiter Admissions Advisor at the University of British Columbia. I work jointly with Student Recruitment & Advising and Undergraduate Admissions to advance enrolment targets for the university. I travel throughout BC and across Canada to promote UBC to prospective students, and evaluate their subsequent applications. I am currently in my third year of this position and have experienced tremendous growth in the Higher Education field, and continue to look forward to the challenges to come.

One of the big reasons I am in my current position is due to the work experience I accumulated during my studies. They provided me with a strong foundation for my career moving forward. Here are some of the highlights that I took part in throughout my undergraduate degree.

The Global Spectrum Blog, International Programs and Services at UBC-O – Work Learn Position

One of my first ‘big-girl’ positions was through work learn at UBC’s Okanagan campus, where I had the opportunity to write blog posts for IPS’ blog, The Global Spectrum. These posts were focused on examining intercultural perspectives and international topics, to facilitate discussion and appreciation of various cultures and experiences. These posts were written through a critical lens to examine local and global issues, and were often written in collaboration with fellow students. One of my favorite pieces I wrote was a series on exchange experiences from various students who had either been on exchange in the past, or were currently at UBC-O on exchange. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with others and take my writing skills to the next level!

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association – Co-op Position 

I was very fortunate to be accepted into the co-op program at UBC, and my first position was at the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. I was very excited about this position because the Okanagan is my home, and I was glad to have the opportunity to share some of its treasures with others. I had the chance to write about the Okanagan in various capacities, and in particular, I planned many itineraries for those seeking to visit the region – whether tourists or media influencers. I had previously worked in the tourism industry in the Okanagan through restaurants and wineries, but this was a new side of the tourism industry for me, and it was really exciting. I got to see the region in a new way, and also learned more about the Thompson region and other areas surrounding the Okanagan in BC. It was the perfect way to get my feet wet in the industry in a new way through co-op!

Student Recruitment and Advising, The University of British Columbia – Co-op Position

My second co-op position was with UBC in the department of Student Recruitment and Advising. I was extremely excited about this position because not only did it provide me with the opportunity to promote UBC to prospective students, but I also got re-located to Toronto! Having grown up in the Okanagan and spent most of my life there, moving to Toronto for a few months was a very big deal. I had the absolute time of my life adventuring around the Greater Toronto Area, delivering presentations and attending university fairs, and connecting with potential students. During this time, I also launched #chiaratakestoronto to keep track of all of my adventures. This position was an amazing opportunity and took my public speaking, communication, and networking skills to a level that I had never imagined. Being able to travel and continue to write was simply the icing on the cake.

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (Port of Vancouver) – Co-op Position

My third and final co-op position was at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. After having recently moved to Vancouver after my time in Toronto, I was excited to have a position that would provide me with the opportunity to get to explore more of Vancouver. Working with the Community Relations team allowed me to apply my current skill set while also continuing to grow in terms of leadership and teamwork. I worked very closely with a team of eight individuals, and together we attended community events throughout the Lower Mainland to promote the Port of Vancouver and engage with the public. I launched #chiaratakesvancouver when I moved to Vancouver, and when I had this position, I was able to expand this campaign even more through all of the places I traveled to in the Lower Mainland. I am grateful to have had the chance to continue to grow my skill set, meet new people and make new connections, and continue to explore Vancouver.

I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in so many interesting and varied experiences thus far. I am looking forward to seeing my career unfold over the coming years.

To learn more about my work experience, you can visit my full LinkedIn profile.

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