I have various partnerships with a number of my favourite companies, and want to share those resources with all of you! Below, you will find various discount codes I have available for some of my favourite companies, plus some affiliate links as well.

Discount Codes

Women’s Healthy Underwear: Huha

Truly my FAVOURITE underwear products on the market! Their underwear is specifically designed to care for you ‘down there’, made with natural zinc-enhanced liners, and no synthetics or uncomfortable seams. They have a wide range of different styles, all of which are SUPER comfortable. Plus, they’ve expanded their product selection to offer bras, tops, bike shorts, accessories and more! They are also female-founded and based in Vancouver, BC. You truly can’t go wrong with supporting this incredible company!! Shop my link here to get $10 off your order.

Women’s Intimates and Loungewear: Knix

Knix is another one of my favourite companies for under-care. They primarily offer intimates, but have also expanded into loungewear and activewear. Knix is also female-founded and Toronto based. All of their products are amazing quality and their leakproof period underwear in particular is a total game-changer. Shop my link here to get $20 off your first Knix order!

Affiliate Links

Disclaimer: The following links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Wellness Products: Saje Wellness

Saje is one of my favourite companies, and my absolute favourite products from them include their diffuser and diffuser blends. I love having it on in my home! I’m also a huge fan of the different roll-ons they have as well. Shop their products here.

Compostable Phone Cases: Pela

Pela makes a range of eco-friendly products, and my absolute favourite has to be their compostable phone cases!!! Pela case is definitely becoming more well-known and they have a wide range of styles to choose from. They are of incredible quality and well worth the investment! Shop their range of options here.

Zero Waste Living: Zero Waste Store

One of my absolute FAVOURITES for aiming to live a less wasteful lifestyle! The Zero Waste Store features a collection of zero waste products from a wide range of brands. It’s a great option to have a wide selection all in one place! They’ve got everything from beauty to household products to living and beyond. View their entire selection at their website!

Zero Waste Cleaning Supplies: Mint Cleaning

Speaking of zero waste, one of my fav stand-alone companies is Mint Cleaning! They have a wide range of cleaning products that are zero-waste, very effective, and smell AMAZING. One of my personal favourites and one of their most popular products is the cleaning scrub – seriously a game-changer! Mint Cleaning is run by two friends who started the business together on Vancouver Island, BC. It’s a great opportunity to support a small local business, and as an added bonus, you can follow them on Instagram where they make hilarious videos together! Shop all of their products here.

Athletic Apparel: Lululemon

Everyone is a sucker for Lululemon, myself included. You truly can’t compare when it comes to their leggings. Plus, nowadays I am a HUGE fan of their belt bag! I don’t go anywhere without it. Shop their full collection of products here.

Clean Beauty: Au Naturale Cosmetics

I’ve been using Au Naturale Cosmetics for years now, and they are hands-down my favourite makeup company. I won’t use anything else! They are a US-based brand (female founded too!) that create vegan, organic, paraben free & ethical makeup. All of their ingredients are naturally sourced, and their products are produced on-site in their lab in Wisconsin. I highly recommend all of their makeup products for clean beauty! Shop their clean beauty products here.

Hair care: Gisou

Gisou began with honey-infused hair care, and has expanded to offer a range of options that are all honey-infused. The family-based business uses honey from their honey bee garden in their products! So cool. Their signature first-launched product was the Honey Infused Hair Oil – a multi-purpose hair oil infused with Mirsalehi Honey to nourish and moisturize hair. Browse all of their incredible honey-infused products here!

Travel Bookings:

If you’re planning a trip soon, I definitely recommend checking out for all of your travel needs! I have primarily used them for hotel bookings in the past, but they also have options for booking flights, rental cars, attractions, and more. I often find that their prices are cheaper than other sites, which is an added bonus! Check out their full website for your next trip here.