I have various partnerships with a number of my favourite companies, and want to share those resources with all of you! Below, you will find various discount codes I have available for some of my favourite companies, plus some affiliate links as well.

Discount Codes

Women’s Healthy Underwear: Huha

Truly my FAVOURITE underwear products on the market! Their underwear is specifically designed to care for you ‘down there’, made with natural zinc-enhanced liners, and no synthetics or uncomfortable seams. They have a wide range of different styles, all of which are SUPER comfortable. Plus, they’ve expanded their product selection to offer bras, tops, bike shorts, accessories and more! They are also female-founded and based in Vancouver, BC. You truly can’t go wrong with supporting this incredible company!! Shop my link here to get $10 off your order.

Workout Gear: Vitae Apparel

This activewear company is female-founded and Vancouver based. They have buttery soft activewear AND swimwear that is absolutely incredible! Their founder was also recently recognized as one of BC’s Top 30 Under 30! Visit their website and use my code CHIARAM15 for 15% off your purchase 🙂

Women’s Intimates and Loungewear: Knix

Knix is another one of my favourite companies for under-care. They primarily offer intimates, but have also expanded into loungewear and activewear. Knix is also female-founded and Toronto based. All of their products are amazing quality and their leakproof period underwear in particular is a total game-changer. Shop my link here to get $20 off your first Knix order!

Affiliate Links

Disclaimer: The following links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Wellness Products: Saje Wellness

Saje is one of my favourite companies, and my absolute favourite products from them include their diffuser and diffuser blends. I love having it on in my home! I’m also a huge fan of the different roll-ons they have as well. Shop their products here.

Compostable Phone Cases: Pela

Pela makes a range of eco-friendly products, and my absolute favourite has to be their compostable phone cases!!! Pela case is definitely becoming more well-known and they have a wide range of styles to choose from. They are of incredible quality and well worth the investment! Shop their range of options here.

Zero Waste Living: Zero Waste Store

One of my absolute FAVOURITES for aiming to live a less wasteful lifestyle! The Zero Waste Store features a collection of zero waste products from a wide range of brands. It’s a great option to have a wide selection all in one place! They’ve got everything from beauty to household products to living and beyond. View their entire selection at their website!

Zero Waste Cleaning Supplies: Mint Cleaning

Speaking of zero waste, one of my fav stand-alone companies is Mint Cleaning! They have a wide range of cleaning products that are zero-waste, very effective, and smell AMAZING. One of my personal favourites and one of their most popular products is the cleaning scrub – seriously a game-changer! Mint Cleaning is run by two friends who started the business together on Vancouver Island, BC. It’s a great opportunity to support a small local business, and as an added bonus, you can follow them on Instagram where they make hilarious videos together! Shop all of their products here.

Candles: Mimo Toronto

Mimo Toronto is a local candle company based in Toronto! Mimo is a Portuguese word meaning present/gift. Their candles are made with soy wax, cotton wicks, PLUS natural and non-toxic scents! They have an amazing line-up of candles to choose from. Browse them all at their website.

Athletic Apparel: Lululemon

Everyone is a sucker for Lululemon, myself included. You truly can’t compare when it comes to their leggings. Plus, nowadays I am a HUGE fan of their belt bag! I don’t go anywhere without it. Shop their full collection of products here.

Clean Beauty: Au Naturale Cosmetics

I’ve been using Au Naturale Cosmetics for years now, and they are hands-down my favourite makeup company. I won’t use anything else! They are a US-based brand (female founded too!) that create vegan, organic, paraben free & ethical makeup. All of their ingredients are naturally sourced, and their products are produced on-site in their lab in Wisconsin. I highly recommend all of their makeup products for clean beauty! Shop their clean beauty products here.

Organic Skincare: Om Organics

Om Organics is an incredible line of natural, plant-based, clean skincare. They are certified by CertClean, North America’s standard for toxin-free skin care. All of their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, cruelty free, pregnancy safe, and handcrafted in Canada – wowza! So many wonderful features. Shop their full line of skincare products (and beyond!) here.

Hair care: Gisou

Gisou began with honey-infused hair care, and has expanded to offer a range of options that are all honey-infused. The family-based business uses honey from their honey bee garden in their products! So cool. Their signature first-launched product was the Honey Infused Hair Oil – a multi-purpose hair oil infused with Mirsalehi Honey to nourish and moisturize hair. Browse all of their incredible honey-infused products here!

Travel Bookings:

If you’re planning a trip soon, I definitely recommend checking out for all of your travel needs! I have primarily used them for hotel bookings in the past, but they also have options for booking flights, rental cars, attractions, and more. I often find that their prices are cheaper than other sites, which is an added bonus! Check out their full website for your next trip here.