About Me

Chiara Mason


Hey there! I’m Chiara, a multi-passionate creative with a purpose of guiding you to grow into your best self. Through my blog, podcast, and debut poetry book, I aim to authentically share stories and connect with others. Here at chiaragoesglobal, we hope to foster an inspired and uplifted community where people can show up as their full selves, be seen where they are at, and feel hopeful for the future.


Let’s take it wayyyyy back to the beginning. My name is Chiara Mason, and I am an author, blogger, and podcaster passionate about travel, lifestyle, and wellbeing. I was raised in the Okanagan, a sunny region just above the USA border in British Columbia, Canada. I have always loved writing, and over the past few years, I uncovered my passion for travel and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. The convergence of these passions pushed me to create my own blog.

I started chiaragoesglobal in 2016 when I was attending the University of Manchester in the UK on a one-semester exchange, as part of my undergraduate degree at UBC. I began to document my experiences, writing about being on exchange and adjusting to living in a new place, solo travel, and my feelings about life overall. I started using this blog as a means of self-discovery through writing and reflection. This process has led me to learn a lot about myself and the world around me.

Since then, I have continued to develop my writing skills while travelling to new places across the globe, and taking in new experiences through transitioning from being a student to a young adult. The blog has changed over time, as have I through these transitions. My writing has expanded to become not only a focus on travel, but a focus on growth and learning overall, whichever capacity that may take – though travel is often at the centre of this growth, in one way or another. Today, my writing focuses on the areas of travel, lifestyle, and wellbeing. You can visit my Blog section of the website for more information about each category.

As my writing has evolved, I have continued to expand the website as well. In 2019, I expanded chiaragoesglobal from a blog to a full-fledged website, presenting a much fuller picture of myself and my journey thus far. In 2021, this journey expanded once again into a new adventure: The chiaragoesglobal Podcast. The podcast is a space to explore all things travel, lifestyle, and wellbeing – sharing stories and real talk as we navigate adulthood! You can subscribe wherever podcasts are available!

Most recently, in 2022, I made the decision to self-publish my debut book – a poetry collection. With the help of the incredible team at The Self Publishing Agency, I published my book in Spring 2023. My book, titled Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change, is now available for purchase on my website, at multiple local independent bookstores, and on Amazon. Check out this page for more details and for multiple media features about my book!

It has certainly been quite the journey to get to this point, and I’m still figuring most of it out along the way. If you want to get in touch to work together or just to chat, please reach out! I am deeply grateful to share this journey with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

xoxo, Chiara

Photography: Kayley Bourcier, Rural Roots Photography