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S3E3 The Grieving Process The chiaragoesglobal Podcast

****Trigger Warning: discussions of suicide, death, grief. Please only listen if you are in a safe space to do so.*** If you are contemplating suicide, please seek support immediately. The ⁠Canada Suicide Prevention Hotline⁠ is available 24/7 for crisis support at 1-833-456-4566 (and in Quebec 1-866-277-3553). You can also contact the Canadian Mental Health Association for ongoing support via their website, ⁠https://cmha.ca/⁠ Additional Resources: A few Instagram accounts that discuss grief and I find very helpful: @glitterandgrief @untanglegrief @goodmourningpodcast Web resources that discuss normalizing grief: https://www.normalizegrief.com/ A very helpful PDF guide that discusses Hope and Healing after Suicide: PDF guide My book, Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change, also deals with various mental health struggles and parts of my grief journey. This loss was a big driving force for me to publish my book. If you are interested in exploring it, you can find more details and ways to order a copy here. This episode comes from two blog posts, you can read them here: ⁠https://chiaragoesglobal.com/2022/10/23/one-year-of-grieving/⁠ and ⁠https://chiaragoesglobal.com/2023/09/25/2-years-of-grieving/ ⁠
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