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The chiaragoesglobal podcast is your one-stop shop for navigating anything travel, lifestyle, and growth related as you experience your twenties and early adulthood. The podcast will explore all of the many aspects you are experiencing during these times: growth, adventure, travel, challenges, questions, health, relationships, and more. This podcast is for you if you are either entering, in the middle of, or still trying to figure out early adulthood – or really any stage of adulthood, for that matter. Guided by your host, Chiara Mason, let’s enjoy this journey together!

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S2E21 Self Publishing with Megan Williams of TSPA The chiaragoesglobal Podcast

Join us for our latest episode featuring Megan Williams of The Self Publishing Agency (TSPA)! We chat all about the self-publishing process for my upcoming book, Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change. About Megan: Megan Williams is the founder and CEO of the publishing company I have worked with for my debut poetry collection, Blooming. She has been featured in Forbes and Variety Magazine for her expertise in the indie publishing world and more recently – adapting books into film. Megan is an award-winning author herself for her memoir, Our Interrupted Fairy Tale, and has published two children's books with her step-daughter, Madison. She also has a 1.5 year old who by all accounts seems to love meeting people, reading new books, and running outside as much as her mom does. You can connect with Megan at the following links: Social: @MeganDubs @TheSelfPublishingAgency theselfpublishingagency.com | Forbes | Variety Interested in reading Chiara's upcoming book? Visit our website to pre-order a copy and join us for a launch event in your city!
  1. S2E21 Self Publishing with Megan Williams of TSPA
  2. S2E20 The Design Process with Tracy Hetherington
  3. S2E19 The Editing Process with Elise Volkman
  4. S2E18 BONUS: Spring is Blooming, and So Are We!
  5. S2E17 The Significance of Maintaining Boundaries

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