Thanks for visiting! The chiaragoesglobal site represents a journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery through work, education, and travel experiences.

My blog covers my experiences abroad, throughout Canada, and at home, while also providing space for reflection, critiques, and discussions of health and wellness. My experience describes my journey in work and education, along with relevant pieces of academic work. My newly-launched podcast explores all of the aspects you are experiencing during your twenties and early adulthood: growth, adventure, challenges, questions, travel, health, relationships, and more. Combined, these aspects provide a broad cross-section of my experiences thus far as I embark on the journey of life. I invite you to learn, reflect, and grow with me.

I am grateful to share this journey with you and have you along for the ride. You can follow my most recent adventures at #chiaragoesglobal on Instagram and on Facebook. Thank you for your support!

Love, C.


Photo credit: Rural Roots Photography