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The chiaragoesglobal podcast is your one-stop shop for navigating anything travel, lifestyle, and growth related as you experience your twenties and early adulthood. The podcast will explore all of the many aspects you are experiencing during these times: growth, adventure, travel, challenges, questions, health, relationships, and more. This podcast is for you if you are either entering, in the middle of, or still trying to figure out early adulthood – or really any stage of adulthood, for that matter. Guided by your host, Chiara Mason, let’s enjoy this journey together!

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My 2020 Mental Health Journey The chiaragoesglobal Podcast

Diving in deep to the roller-coaster that was my mental health journey throughout 2020. Content Warning: use of explicit language in some cases. Trigger Warning: discussion of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, medication. Disclaimer: I am in no way qualified to provide advice as a mental health professional, therapist or counsellor. I am simply speaking from my own lived experience on my mental health journey.  If you are struggling with your mental health, please connect with a licensed mental health professional. See further resources at our corresponding blog post: https://chiaragoesglobal.com/2021/01/31/my-2020-mental-health-journey/
  1. My 2020 Mental Health Journey
  2. The Wake-Up Call
  3. Global Travels: Eastern Europe – Prague + Budapest
  4. Our Story
  5. Trailer