Creating Connections through Changing Seasons in the Okanagan

Well, the past couple of months have been pretty full of adventures over here. Though I have been working from home for quite some time now, well over six months as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I am still trying to find ways to get out there and create connections. Particularly because mental health has been a big priority for me lately – and given everything going on in our world today – connection is more important than ever. I talked a lot about toxic positivity and the damaging effects it can have in my last post, and seeking to acknowledge the struggles you or others may be going through is so important rather than pushing past them. Seeking support and connection in the midst of struggle is necessary.

So, lately I have been finding this connection through spending time with others. After enjoying a small Thanksgiving with family, the following weekend I travelled to Kelowna to spend some much-needed time with my sister and friends in the area. It was a great weekend spent catching up, purchasing plants from boutique shops downtown, and enjoying brunch at local eateries. I also really enjoyed getting a change of scenery, I find it helpful to switch up your environment every now and then to allow fresh perspectives to grow.

Enjoying this environment in the incredible fall weather has been spectacular as well! The fall weather has been excellent this year. Colours turning in the trees, a brisk breeze sweeping through, and yet, with sun still shining – it’s one of my favorite seasons for a reason. Going for fall walks with friends and family has been one of my favorite ways to enjoy this time of year and connect with nature, which is feeling super important these days!

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we got hit with snow in the Okanagan! It was a big surprise to many of us, as we have never gotten snow that early that I can remember. The earliest it has happened in the past was Halloween but this was much earlier than that. I was definitely not ready for the snow to hit, especially just when I was starting to enjoy the fall weather! It was crazy to take photos with bright red leaves in the background, the epitemy of fall, while large flakes of snow were falling.

However, the snow dissapeared just as quickly as it had appeared, and we were back to fall. I have been trying to savour as much of this fall season as possible, whether through baking, taking more of those fall walks, or getting cozy and watching a movie. Soon, Halloween, the ultimate of the fall holidays, was upon us. I took another trip up to Kelowna to celebrate Halloween, in combination with an early celebration for my cousin’s birthday. We stayed safe with a small group of people, just my cousins and I, and it was really nice to have the chance to connect all together again. I think these moments have become even more precious in the time of COVID, where we may not necessarily have the opportunity to connect with one another as frequently as we did in the past. I am holding on to these moments, cherishing them, and trying not to let them pass me by too quickly.

And yet, all of a sudden, we are in November. Time continues to zoom by. I will be celebrating my birthday later this month, and suddenly the holiday season will be upon us. Sometimes it feels as if it all blurs together. It definitely doesn’t help that we just received another dumping of snow last night, which makes me feel like we should skip past the rest of the month and head straight into the holidays! But alas, it is better to hold onto those moments before they slip away.

We truly don’t know where we will be at with COVID when the holidays hit, I know Vancouver is currently under a new set of restrictions, and as the situation is evolving constantly, we can’t predict where we will be in a couple of months. I think it is more important than ever to foster that connection while we still can, and if we do go back into a more extreme lockdown situation, to continue to find ways to build connections. We can make it together – whatever the season, whatever the situation, remaining connected is imperative. What are some of the ways you are staying connected with others, as we navigate COVID during the fall and winter seasons? Let me know in the comments!

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