6 Months of Kelowna Living

Well, the first month of 2022 is officially reaching its close, and I’ve officially been living in Kelowna for nearly six months now. Those months have definitely been up and down, but I am still really glad to be living in the Okanagan and close to family during challenging times. As things continue to open up, I will be expanding my reach and exploring even more in this city and the surrounding areas. I’ve been lucky to have had a few highlights in my adventures so far.

First and foremost, exploring wineries in nearby areas is always fun. The last time I went wine tasting was in late November for my birthday, and since I’m just wrapping up taking part in Dry January, I haven’t explored too many new options. Perhaps in the spring time I’ll head out again. In the mean time, a few of my favorites include Gray Monk, Arrowleaf, and if you’re down for a bit of a drive, Fitzpatrick (just off the highway near Peachland) is a great spot too.

On the flip side, I’ve also been exploring more fitness opportunities in the area. Back in December, I decided to try out a bunch of different fitness studios nearby to determine what would work best for me. Unfortunately, gyms and studios closed down for awhile, but now that they have opened back up, I am hoping to get out there again very soon (later this week, in fact). I am leaning towards spin classes, but I’ve also enjoyed some barre and yoga classes as well. I am also hoping to find more ways to get myself outdoors, and have a list of hiking places that I will check out in the near future.

I’ve found a couple of favorite stores and service spots as well, which is one of my favorite parts about moving to a new city: you find the places and spaces that make you feel at home. They tend to feel a bit like a part of you, and it’s almost a way of seeing and feeling a bit of yourself in that new city. For me, finding a good hairdresser was really important, and I got extremely lucky to find an amazing hairdresser at Sauvignon Blonde. I also love their studio name, location and service – truly can’t go wrong and I’d highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the Kelowna area! I have also recently started getting my lashes done, which is a new self-care hobby I’m obsessed with. I go to see a woman in Lake Country who runs Hybrid Aesthetic, she does an absolutely amazing job with my lashes and has educated me well on how to properly take care of them. I highly recommend checking her out if you’re interested in lashes!

Sustainability has been another focus for me and I was on the hunt for a compost spot, as the City of Kelowna unfortunately doesn’t compost. I was lucky to find Chickpeace which accepts compost drop off for a small fee, you can get a compost card with them and simply drop off when you’re ready. Their store is also amazing and carries many incredible sustainable and zero-waste products. I’m always finding something new every time I swing by! Most recently, I purchased new shampoo and conditioner bars that I’m really excited to try out. I’ve also decided to purchase some plants to bring a bit more life into my home, and swung by Funktional to check out their options. Funktional is an incredible store in downtown Kelowna with unique products, lots of which make great gift options, and they also sell a variety of plants. I purchased a gorgeous snake plant from them and she’s doing well so far, and was the exact kind of greenery that I needed to bring life into my home during these dreary winter months.

As things continue to open up and we hopefully will be heading towards spring soon, I’ve been pushing myself to go out there a bit more and connect with others, to really create my community here. I recently met up with a friend for a coffee chat at Sprout. I hadn’t been there before and it was tons of fun, super busy, they have incredible London Fogs and excellent bread/baked goods as well. It was a great visit and I love finding new cafes to check out. Recently, I also attended an event hosted by Wine, Women, and Wellbeing Kelowna. The event was focused on fashion and finance, and took place at Third Space Cafe – another great coffee shop! It was a super fun event and a great way to network and meet new people. I’m definitely hoping to join for their next event. I will also be looking in to volunteering with some community organizations in the near future, as I feel it is really important to give back and I am hoping to further build that sense of community while doing so.

Of course, it’s never a bad idea to enjoy some quiet time at home either. I truly do love my home space and I enjoy spending time there, whether alone or with company. It’s a very cozy space and I’m lucky to have such a safe, comforting, and wonderful home. I try to do as much writing and creating as I can while spending some of this time at home. The creativity ebbs and flows, but we do what we can. Recently, I also took the plunge to get my very first tattoo! I got it done at Inked Angels, an all-female tattoo shop that I absolutely loved. I had an amazing time and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I’m very happy with how it turned out as it was a sentimental piece. I will likely look into getting more tattoos in the future, but for now, I’m very happy with this one!

As we head into the next month, and hopefully spring weather and away from the winter blues, there are a few things I’m looking forward to. I will be getting more involved with fitness classes as I mentioned, which I am super excited about – I’ve got my eye on my spin class later this week! I am also hoping to explore outdoors more and adventure in to some hikes in the area. Meeting new people and creating community is also on the list, and I’m always looking for new ways to connect with people. If you’re in the Kelowna area and these activities sound like your thing, drop me a line! I’d love to connect with you and get to know you better! You can reach me directly via Instagram or the Contact page on our website. Cheers to a better February and hopefully many good things to come. <3

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