Spring Activities in the Okanagan

It seems we are FINALLY starting to move out of winter and towards the spring time. I am so excited to begin exploring more outdoors as the weather begins to get even nicer! As the weather improves, my mood tends to improve also, so I simply cannot wait for the months ahead. Here are a few suggestions of spring activities to start enjoying in the Okanagan!

Wine tasting

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of wine tasting at any time of year. As we begin to head later into spring, more wineries will be opening up for the season and extending their hours. It is always a treat to take in an incredible view from a winery while trying some delicious wine! One of my favourite newer places is the District Wine Village in Oliver that opened last year. They have different smaller wineries on rotation in the village and a ton of great seating outdoors, perfect for the nicer weather!


I have recently been exploring the brewery scene a bit more, specifically here in Kelowna where a ton of great options have popped up over the last couple of years. There is a section of town that has a range of breweries located right next to each other. It’s the perfect spot to check out on a warm spring evening, where you can easily walk from one brewery to the next! They all feature a range of beer options, and many offer food as well. A couple of my personal favourites so far include Vice & Virtue Brewing, and the pizza at Jackknife Brewing.

Picnic in a park

Personally, going for a picnic in a park is a big one on my list for this spring. There’s nothing better than enjoying some food, sunshine, and views while spending time with friends! Pack a picnic filled with your favourite foods, a blanket, some delicious Okanagan wine, then pick a spot with an incredible view – and you’re all set! A few of my favourite spots include Bertram Creek Regional Park and Kaloya Regional Park.

Hiking outdoors

Getting out for a walk or a hike is a must-do as we head into Spring and the weather gets even nicer. Something about seeing the sunshine makes me want to spend even more time outside. A couple of my favourite spots to get in a good walk with a friend, pet, or a coffee and alone time include Mission Creek Park or the boardwalk in downtown Kelowna. If you’re wanting a more intensive hike, you can check out one of the many mountains nearby, including Dilworth Mountain or Knox Mountain.

Bowling at BNA

If you are wanting an indoor activity to enjoy for when the evenings do get a bit chilly, I recommend getting some bowling in at BNA Brewing. I recently checked it out and it was a lot of fun, you truly can’t beat bowling and beers! Definitely a great option for an indoor activity. Their Purple Rain sour is pretty darn delicious too.

Culinary exploration

Exploring the restaurant scene is always a fun option as well, and as the weather gets nicer, we will be heading into patio season! I am definitely looking forward to patio weather. In the mean time, I’ve been checking out a couple new options, including Cantina del Centro and Salt & Brick. I had a great time at Salt & Brick recently, I went with a group of friends and all of the dishes (and cocktails) were amazing! My personal favourite was the brussel sprouts, which came combined with cheese, grapes, and popcorn. It was such an interesting combination and I recommend checking it out if you get the chance!

There are so many great options to enjoy as we head into spring and the weather continues to get nicer. I’m looking forward to this new season and the potential new beginnings it may bring. What is one of your favourite spring activities? Let me know in the comments!

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