Three Months of My Debut Poetry Book, Blooming!

Happy almost-end-of-summer! My debut book, Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change, has officially been out in the world for THREE MONTHS now!! As we near the end of summer, I thought now was a good time to share how things have gone in that time with all of you. Read on for updates on my debut poetry collection, Blooming. 🌸

Book Tour

Of course, the kick-off for my book began with the three wonderful launch events (or my mini book tour as I like to call it) held in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Toronto. You can read the full recap at this blog post here. It was incredible for me to host these events and have the people I love attend them! I had a number of folks purchase copies of my book at these events which was SO exciting. Thank you again to everyone who attended and made these moments so special!

Media Features

In the lead up to my mini book tour, I was very excited to be featured in a number of media articles. Some of the highlights include being featured on Castanet Media and Kelowna Now! You can find links to all of the articles I was featured in here. PLUS, I had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Global Okanagan during my very first book signing at Indigo in Kelowna. It was very cool to share more about my book and my story with them. The interview aired on Global Okanagan News (on TV!!!) in late May just prior to my launch event in Kelowna. You can view the full video below!

Podcast Interviews

During this time, I also had the opportunity to be featured on my friend’s podcast! On Wildly Balanced, Carly and I discussed solo female travel, balancing life in our 20s, and my poetry book. You can listen to the full podcast episode here! PLUS, don’t forget that I interviewed members of my team about the publishing process in the lead up to my book launch as well. You can get all of the juicy behind-the-scenes details on my podcast by tuning in here.

Bookstores + Retailers

Since the madness of my launch events in May and June, I’ve been working on getting my book into different bookstores and vendors. I am very happy to share that there are options to purchase my book at Mosaic Books in Kelowna, BC and Queen Books in Toronto, ON. Blooming is also available at multiple locations of Book City in Toronto, AND it is now available at my first vendor in Toronto, at Pictus Goods! 🙂 It has been very exciting to see my book become available in these different spaces, and I hope it continues to reach more people. Visit one of these locations in BC or ON to get your copy of Blooming today!

Amazon Launch

Apart from these adventures, I also did a LOT of work with my team to get my book available on Amazon! We had a few hiccups along the way in terms of the quality and a few technical issues that were coming up, but thankfully, all of those issues have been resolved. Blooming is now available for purchase on Amazon around the world! This is definitely the best option to purchase if you are located outside of Canada, and there are options to choose a paperback or Kindle version. You can visit Amazon here and purchase in your country now!

What’s to come

With all of this excitement, I am very happy to share I’ve sold nearly 100 books outside of Amazon sales, and well over 100 if you include my Amazon sales! 🤩 It is truly incredible for me to get to share my work with so many people. Thank you endlessly for your support!! I am looking forward to continuing to share Blooming with the world, especially as we head into the changing seasons and continue to navigate the chaos of life. Sending all the love ♥️

Professional photography by Melissa Sorokolit at Subflume.

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