Letting Go

sometimes we need to move forward. sometimes we have to say goodbye in order to say hello to bigger & better things.

yes, that’s a cliché. but its a true one. however, that doesn’t mean its easy.

its really fucking hard.

saying goodbye to some place or someone where you feel safe, and taking the chance on something or someone else, running the risk of getting hurt or not making it or failing, is very hard.

but you will never know if you never try.

maybe you will get rewarded and meet the love of your life, or find what you are truly passionate about, or make an incredible discovery about yourself.

or maybe it will be a total disaster and you will end up with a broken heart, broke bank account, a failure, and feeling utterly lost.

either way, it will be worth it. because you tried. and you gave it your all.

and in the end, all of these experiences make us who we are.

the mistakes. the heartbreaks. the almost-in-debt or the in-debt. the love. the hurt. the happiness. the feeling of growth. the feeling of accomplishment. the feeling of being yourself and being fulfilled and knowing that that is enough. it all makes us who we are.

and eventually, everything will fall into place.

and you will know. you will know that it was all worth it.

or maybe you will never know.

maybe it will always be uncertainty, and questioning, and trying and failing and getting up again and succeeding and falling down again and repeating it over and over and over.

because that’s life.

its uncertainty.

its not knowing if things will work out, but trying your best anyway.

its worrying that you will make the wrong choice, but knowing in your heart that you have to try.

its being afraid that you will not be enough, but having enough faith to push you to do it despite your doubts.

and in life, you never know what will happen next. change will always come your way.

so embrace it. be grateful for it. trust it.

it will lead you on the path you were meant to be on in this crazy wild ride that is life.

and you will find your way.

the thing about finding your way is that many things will try to get in your way.

the thing about becoming who you are meant to be is that some people don’t want to see your light shine so bright.

but you can’t let it hold you back. you have to reach for what you want and live your best life. you have to move forward and let go of what is no longer positively impacting your life.


if someone is not contributing to your happiness and lifting you up, let them go.

if you are in a place that is causing you more harm than good, no matter how good that good might be, let it go.

if someone disrupts your sense of who you are for their own benefit, let them go.

if you surround yourself with only the negatives and never the positives, let it go.

if someone disrespects you in any way, whether it be family or friends or lovers, let them go.

if the people in your life are not supporting you and making you feel loved and fulfilled, let them go.

if you are forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t actually make you feel alive, let it go.

you will find the people that you need. you will find the path that is meant to be yours. and ultimately, the most important person that you need is yourself.

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