Adventuring in Ontario

In my last post, I mentioned that my travel season has recently come to an end. I’ve lately been reflecting on all of the incredible places I’ve visited throughout my travel season. Here’s a recap on some of the places I have had the chance to explore in Ontario over the past month and a bit.


I first visited Kitchener for work, and decided to explore Waterloo and check out some of the university campuses nearby. And then I went back.. And I’m going back later again this week as well! It seems to have caught on to me quite well. I didn’t spend much time in Kitchener, but when I was there, it felt quite charming to me. It reminded me of a Victorian-style city in England. Waterloo felt quite different than Kitchener to me. Waterloo strikes me as more of a student city, especially with two universities so close to one another in the heart of the city. It was neat to check out, but the weather in Kitchener-Waterloo is substantially worse than in Toronto. At least every time I’ve been.



Speaking of the weather… The first time I went to Brampton, we got hit with a mini snow storm. And this was early November, by the way. Man, it was cold! By the time I got back to Toronto it had faded, and then…. It REALLY hit and Toronto got completely covered in snow. It melted quickly though. Anyway, needless to say, my run-in with Brampton was quite interesting. I did go back another time to go to the movies with a friend, and it snowed AGAIN! I guess snow comes my way every time I go to Brampton. Very intriguing.


I visited the Hamilton area on a few separate occasions, but I still feel like I didn’t get a good enough feel of Hamilton while I was there. The one time I attempted to connect with nature and explore, it didn’t go so well.. I’ll spare you the details. But at least I had the chance to explore a bit while I could and take in some of the beautiful fall scenery.



I briefly visited Keswick, north of Toronto, for work obligations. Unfortunately, I did not have much time to explore the area, but I was glad I at least had the chance to travel a bit further north. Thankfully there was no snow here like there was in Brampton, but it was still really cold!


I actually winded up having the opportunity to visit London again, but the visit did not go exactly as planned… Before I even left for London, I got a flat tire while driving the 400 in Toronto. Thankfully, I was able to sort it out and make it to London on time for my obligations, but it threw my plans for the day out of whack a bit. Needless to say, I didn’t explore London again because of this situation. At least I had the chance to explore it beforehand when I did not have that scenario on my hands.


Richmond Hill

I also visited the Richmond Hill area a few times later in November. It seems like a nice area, many of the parts I visited were quite residential so I didn’t get much of a feel of the downtown aspect. Still a nice place to explore though.


And finally, Toronto. The 6ix has been growing on me. This place has such a different feel to it than any other city I’ve visited. It’s unique, dynamic, and even though its still a competitive environment, it also has a strong community feel as well. Everyone is a Torontonian and they are damn proud of it. They are united in all of the unique features this city has and they celebrate it together, and they do want those around them to succeed. It is such an interesting environment to be in, and I’m sad that my time here is running out so quickly. I only have a couple of weeks left, and there is still so much to see and do! I don’t think I’m ready to leave just yet. These next couple of weeks are going to be very busy, but hopefully I’ll have the time to get what I need from this city before I say goodbye.


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