My September #UBCBucketList

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently kicked off my own #ubcbucketlist to capture some of my top experiences at UBC this year. Despite the semester being off to a busy start, I have had the chance to experience some of the UBC classics. Here are a few of the highlights from this month!

Welcome Back BBQ

Have you even really gone back to school if you haven’t had a party to celebrate? Since this is my first fall in Vancouver, it is also my first full year at this campus, and my first time attending this event! The BBQ is essentially a massive concert for everyone to celebrate the beginning of another school year. Though the line up to get in was extremely long and not managed very well, it was worth the wait, and I had a great time dancing to the artists. It’s one of those events you have to experience once, and I’m glad I was able to do so!

sept buckertlist bbq


Another event that I was even more excited for was the UBC Homecoming game. To be honest, I have actually never been to a varsity game before, and I was really excited to check it out. The UBC Thunderbirds versed the Calgary Dinos, which promised to be an interesting game. Unfortunately, in classic Vancouver fashion, it was pouring rain which did put a bit of a damper on the event. It was still a great experience to be a part of, but hopefully I won’t get completely soaked at the next varsity game I attend!

sept bucketlist homecoming 2

Day of the Longboat

Recently, I also decided to check out the Day of the Longboat. It is a two-day event where teams can register to compete in a longboat race. Unfortunately, I was not prepared enough to register as part of a team and actually compete in the race, but I did swing by the event to watch the teams compete for a bit. It was really neat to check it out, and I wish I would have had the opportunity to actually compete, though I probably would have capsized… If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend signing up early on and trying to compete next year. Day of the Longboat is one of the biggest UBC Recreation events and multiple communities attend, so it is a great event to be a part of.

sept bucketlist longboat 4
sept bucketlist longboat 3

Apart from these big events, there are also those day-to-day moments that can add up to be something big. Stopping by the Rose Garden to take in the incredible view on a nice day, running from class to class on campus, and of course, getting soaked in the midst of a downpour – all of these experiences add up to memorable moments. I’m looking forward to making many more of them over the next few months, and I have some other plans in the works as well, so stay tuned. Regular updates on my #ubcbucketlist can be found on my Instagram 🙂

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