It’s Freaking Fall!

Happy fall everyone! Since my last post, a lot has changed – fall colours have gotten brighter and bolder, Thanksgiving has come and gone (and we have tons to be thankful for!), and for many of us students, midterm season is upon us. Though I am one of the lucky few that doesn’t have to stress about midterms, I do have a lot of assignments on the go which has kept me quite busy as of late. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a ton of time to check out specific events at UBC, but man oh man… I have been soaking up fall!!

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Fall is without a doubt my favourite time of year. The colours are incredible, and if you’re lucky, you can soak up some of that amazing sunshine before the real cold weather hits. This fall in Vancouver we’ve been pretty lucky, we have avoided most of the rain and gotten to enjoy the sun and the leaves changing. Fall on the UBC campus is particularly spectacular because it highlights how beautiful the campus truly is. I would be a very happy gal if it was this gorgeous on campus all year round!

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One of the best places to check out the fall colours on campus is Main Mall, because the entire street is lined with trees on either side and you can see all the way down from one side of campus to the other. It is an amazing sight to see with all of the trees changing shades! Another great place to visit any time of year is the Nitobe Memorial Gardens, but during the fall they are especially stunning. These quiet and secluded gardens are have ponds that wonderfully capture fall’s reflection in it. Exploring any place on campus that has trees – which luckily for UBC students is not hard to find because trees are all over campus – is also one of the best ways to observe fall in action.

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Apart from enjoying fall and soaking up some sun on campus, I’ve also been exploring my neighbourhood. I moved to a new area of the city about a month and a half ago, and I now live in a quiet neighbourhood that is surrounded by trees and walking paths, the perfect combination to enjoy more of what fall has to offer. I am hoping that fall sticks around for as long as possible so I can enjoy every second of it, and check out some more UBC events before this weather disappears!

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On that note, I will be taking a brief break from exploring UBC and Vancouver to go on a trip to Toronto next weekend. I am SO EXCITED to visit Toronto again, and of course, explore fall on the other side of the country 😉 I’m looking forward to a busy few days in the city checking out some of my Toronto favourites. Keep tabs with me at #chiaratakestoronto on Instagram for the latest updates!

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