Celebrating Three Years With An Updated Site

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, I have been doing this blogging thing for quite some time now. This time of year actually marks the anniversary of chiaragoesglobal, which has now been running for three years! It’s pretty crazy to believe three years have already passed by, and how much has happened during that time. A pretty big chapter of my life that has substantially influenced my work on chiaragoesglobal is now closing, as I have completed my undergraduate degree. This shift prompted me to consider what the future of chiaragoesglobal would look like.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the site just yet. So, I decided to celebrate this three-year milestone in a pretty big way: by upgrading chiaragoesglobal from not only a blog, to a full-fledged website. I am very excited to reveal the full website today!

The new site is built off of the most recent version of the blog, but has a new domain name (though I promise if you navigate to the old site, you’ll be redirected to the new one 🙂 ). The new site also includes a lot more information about other aspects of my life apart from blogging, including my academic background and work experience, plus more specific examples of my work. My hope is that the new site will encompass a fuller picture of who I am and provide a direction for the future.

I hope you enjoy checking out the new site, and would love to hear your feedback! You will have lots of time to check it out while I am away this next month on a grad trip. I’ll be traveling to Indonesia and Australia and will not have much time to write while away, but I promise I’ll have tons of content to share with you all when I get back. If you want to keep tabs on me while I’m abroad, you can do so by following #chiaragoesglobal on Instagram and by checking out my Facebook page.

Thank you again for continuing to join me on this journey, and I am looking forward to the continued wild ride to come.

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