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Hello everyone! As you may have heard in my last post, I’ve recently been spending a lot of time in the Okanagan. I have been a bit MIA these past few weeks because I’ve been busy moving back down to Vancouver. It’s a little surreal that I spent a couple of months in the Okanagan and it’s been that long since I’ve been in Van! Even though spending that time in the Okanagan was much needed to recharge, I definitely missed Vancouver. I’m very excited to be back in the city, and I’m ready to take on the city by storm!

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Since being back in Vancouver, I’ve been very busy getting re-acquainted with the city. Getting everything set up in my new place in Vancouver took about a week. Though it took longer than expected, I’m happy to be settled in now. I’ve been running around taking care of different appointments before a new adventure starts next month (more on that at the end of the post…). Catching up with friends whom I haven’t seen in awhile has also been a blast.

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I’ve had the chance to explore some of my Vancouver favourites as well. I checked out a bunch of murals in Mt. Pleasant, wandered around Granville Island, and took in the Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver. I also recently saw the Honda Celebration of Light fireworks from Kits beach, which was pretty incredible! Spending time taking in those incredible Vancouver sunsets on the beach has also been a highlight. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed those sunsets. It feels gooood to be back.

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It’s been really nice to get back into the groove of things in Vancouver. Sometimes you never really realize how much you miss something until it’s gone. I am very happy to be at home in this city again! I am excited to continue to take in some of my favourite Vancouver activities and hot spots before summer draws to a close (Canadians game, anyone?).

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I am also very excited to announce the new adventure I’ll be embarking on starting next month: a full-time position working at UBC! Time to take #adulting to the next level. I am super happy to be taking on this position and I’m looking forward to all of the learning, traveling, and growth to come. I will definitely be keeping you all posted on where this journey takes me… starting with throughout the province this fall! More details to come very soon. Thank you as always for joining me on this wild ride that is my life. Can’t wait to keep bringing you all along. xoxo!!

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