Vancouver Summer Fun

It’s August, babes. How is everyone’s final month of summer going?! I can’t believe the summer is already beginning to slip away. It went by so quickly and the rest of the month is only going to continue to speed ahead.


Apart from starting work recently (very exciting! more on that later!!), I’ve also been soaking in some summer fun before it all slips away. Being back in Vancouver has definitely been a bit of an adjustment, but it’s been a good one. Breathing in the odd rain fall again has actually been nice, which is shocking because I generally don’t enjoy the rain. But something about it makes it feel like home. Basking in the sunset glow off of the beach doesn’t hurt, either. This is a pretty incredible city I get to live in.

pride 2

And this great city has some amazing events it puts on, too. Recently I got to take in some of the annual Pride festivities. It is wonderful to get the chance to celebrate love in all its forms. Though I missed the parade, I did get to check out the festival at Sunset Beach and celebrate with friends a bit. It’s always a scorcher for pride weekend, and this year was no exception – but it was still a great opportunity to reconnect and enjoy some fun in the city.

VMF 10

Another festival I recently checked out was the Vancouver Mural Festival. In its fourth annual year, the festival features local artwork painted on murals all around the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver. They also had various stages featuring local artists, plus local vendors all throughout the festival. It was my first year visiting and I’ll definitely be checking it out again in the future! There were many amazing murals on display and I really enjoyed taking in the art.

VMF 12

When I’m not checking out some festivals in Vancouver, I usually spend my time taking in the natural beauty surrounding us in this city. In between a bit of rain here and there, it has also been quite hot in Vancouver at times, providing the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun. I got the chance to do so at a recent visit to the Kitsilano Pool. I had actually never visited the pool before, but it was a great (and super busy!) experience. I would highly recommend taking a dip at Kits Pool if you’re in the city this summer, it’s a great way to cool down and look at the view!

kits pool

Though I have been spending some time adventuring in Vancouver, the majority of my time has been spent working. Despite having only recently started my position, I am already in love with all it has brought so far. I took place in a work retreat this past week and it was an amazing opportunity to connect with colleagues and grow. I can already tell that this next year is going to be incredible and bring so many new ways to explore and learn! To follow along with my most recent adventures, make sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook – there will be lots more to come soon 🙂

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