Okanagan Retreat

Hello everyone! Our first month of 2020 is officially over. I don’t know about you, but this year already seems to be flying by so quickly. I am trying my best to hold on to the moments and enjoy them in the present before they slip away. With that said, January has been quite busy with getting back to work and back into a routine, trying to accomplish those goals as much as possible. But before I could quite settle into a routine, I was jetting back to the Okanagan for a work retreat, and extended my trip by a little bit to catch up with family and some friends.

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I had a get together with some of my family members to celebrate a few birthdays. I also had some time to relax with friends in the area, which was nice. Though I was just in the Okanagan recently for the holidays, it’s always nice to come back for a brief visit. Especially since I won’t be visiting again for awhile, it is good to hold onto those moments while they last.

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I also spent a bunch of time at Big White Ski Resort. I hadn’t been back to Big White in quite some time, and I was excited to be visiting again. It is such a nice place for a getaway. Where I stayed was incredibly beautiful and I got the chance to take in a bunch of winter activities, including skiing and tubing. I also may or may not have ate cake while hot-tubbing, which was a highlight as well. Enjoying these activities with work colleagues was a great opportunity to bond even more than we already had. The few days spent up at Big White were awesome and I am so grateful for the chance to have been a part of it.

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After this brief getaway, I jetted back to Vancouver and jumped back into work. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and am doing my best to cultivate a routine focused on self care and balance. That has been my focus since I’ve been back in Vancouver and is something I am hoping to prioritize this month, and likely the next few months as we head into spring. What do your priorities look like this month? Let me know in the comments!

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