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Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this long weekend we’ve had and taking some time to rest and relax. I know that I need it, while this month continues to pass by at lightning speed with what feels like hardly a second to blink!

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January was a bit all over the place. I struggled to get back into the swing of things after taking an extended Christmas vacation, and also visited the Okanagan again in the middle of January, which further prolonged creating stability. All in all, January was a bumpy month – but February has gone a lot better so far. I’ll be actually staying in Vancouver for the next few months and not travelling anywhere. Though I do love to travel, it is always nice to spend some time in my home city. I remind myself that there is so much to explore here too that I haven’t seen yet.

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That was actually one of my new years resolutions, to explore somewhere new each month. I haven’t had the chance to stretch my limits too much this month yet, but I have been exploring some of my favorite areas in more detail – including downtown and shopping along 4th. I’ve also been exploring different fitness studios as well, which has brought me to a few different areas of the city. I’m hoping to get the chance to explore more later this month and heading into March.

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One of the exciting things for me about staying in one place for awhile is the fact that it creates the possibility of a stable routine. I have been trying out different fitness classes, spending time with friends, and attempting to create a schedule that works for me. It has been a bit of a trial and error basis, but things are getting better. Striking this balance is something I will have to continue to work at over the next few months, as work is only going to get busier, and my routine outside of work is just as important to keep me going. It really helps to have people that I feel accountable to, and who are supportive of me! I truly feel that it makes a big impact in pushing myself to strive for self care as much as possible.

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Since I will be staying in Vancouver the next few months, I am hoping to finalize a schedule that does work for me that I can stick with consistently. At the same time, I am hoping to continue to push myself to explore other areas of this city that I haven’t before, as I feel adventuring somewhere new always gives you a fresh perspective. Do you have any recommendations for a routine that works for you? Suggestions for new areas of Vancouver to explore as well are also welcome! Let me know in the comments 🙂 And as always, make sure to follow my Facebook page and Instagram for the most recent updates!

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