Let’s Talk About Health, Baby

Hello everyone. Happy March! My apologies for not having written lately. I meant to write last week, but unfortunately, I came down with a bug and was quite sick all week. Things have been so crazy lately apart from that as well, in both my professional and personal life, and it is evident that it was getting to me and I needed some time off to rest. I am very lucky I was able to take some much-needed time to rest and have (mostly) recovered now.

This past week has got me thinking about the importance of health and wellness overall. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I always find it difficult when you are striving to achieve balance and something throws you off course. It is particularly difficult when your health and wellness is threatened by external circumstances that try to derail your current balance. I do my best to preserve this balance when I can, and do not take lightly to those that seek to disturb it.

It is challenging to want to do so much but not be able to due to health circumstances. Getting back on your feet afterwards can also be challenging as you have to get re-accustomed to the routine you may have had to leave behind when you were feeling unwell. Re-cultivating this balance can be an arduous task, but continuing to seek it out is something I will always strive towards.


Physical health is not the only aspect of our health that is important – mental health is of just as much, if not more, importance as well. I feel that I have been struggling with my mental health quite a bit lately, and to have your physical health feel compromised as well is a difficult place to be in. It is a challenge to get back up afterwards and put the pieces together in order to move forward. Physical health is interesting because there is typically a strong discrepancy between when you feel healthy and when you feel unwell, but for mental health, I feel it is more of a spectrum that varies day by day. Some days are great, but some days it feels like it will never end. The battle is never fully over and it is constantly a work in progress to continue moving forward. All that we can do is the best that we can, and know that some days may feel like a setback, but in the end it all adds up to progress.

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I am grateful to have a strong support system to lean on. It is always beneficial to feel like you have others who can support you in a variety of ways and lift you up. This support system is one of the biggest aspects that gets me through tough times with my health, particularly my mental health. I am definitely better off because of those around me who seek to lift me up when I need it most. What do you turn to when you are feeling unwell, whether physically or mentally? Let me know in the comments.

And remember, there are always those who care immensely for you and want nothing more than for you to be well and feel joy — and you matter. Always.

xo, C.

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