My UBC Graduation: One Year Later

Hello everyone. Hope you are all continuing to hold up in the midst of this COVID-19 craziness. Restrictions have begun to lift here in BC, which is some very welcome progress that I am excited about. However, I’m not going to fully dive in to COVID-related concerns today; rather, I am taking a look back at a major life event that occured almost exactly one year ago today: my graduation from UBC.

It is absolutely insane to me to realize that I graduated from university an entire year ago. It feels so far away, and yet in some ways it feels like it just happened yesterday. At the time, I was going through a lot of ups and downs and was really unsure about what was going to come next. You can read more about how I felt a year ago here. A year later, I still have a bit of that uncertainty, particularly due to recent world events. So much has happened during that time, and I suppose you could say I have officially entered the next stage of my life as a full-blown adult (or trying to be one).

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Since graduation, I have dealt with some major health concerns, both physical and mental, some of which I am still dealing with today. I landed my first job post-graduation which I was absolutely ecstatic about. I moved twice during that time, living in both the Okanagan and Vancouver, and traveled to many communities throughout BC and Alberta for work. I have made a lot of new friendships and strengthened connections with many people who have become very important to me.

I suppose one of the biggest things that has happened during this time is how much I have been continuously learning and growing throughout. It has definitely been an adjustment no longer being in school, and navigating that has provided its own set of challenges. I wish I could say that I have this whole adulting thing figured out, but the truth is I am still struggling to deal with this adjustment, and continuing to figure things out along the way. I am trying to accept that it is okay to feel this way and not have everything figured out, and for those of you in the same position, it is okay if you are too.


I am sure I am always going to be continuously learning and growing, and I’m sure I am not the only one. As I look forward to what the future is going to look like post-graduation, another year from now and another year after that, here are some of the things I am hoping for:

-Striving to continue growing in my career, which is something that is still in the works of being sorted out for the coming year but something I am very optimistic and hopeful about

-Focusing on cultivating balance and a healthy lifestyle to accommodate any ongoing heath concerns

-Strengthening connections with those around me who lift me up and support me

-Above all, striving for health and happiness, and continuing to learn and grow every day.

I may not have it all figured out yet, and that is okay. I am hoping to take things as they come and see where the next few years post-graduation will take me. And I will continue to stay out of school… for now 😉

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Though I was very lucky to have the chance to celebrate my graduation from UBC a year ago, and have the ability to look back on those memories today, the graduates from this year are in a much different position. This time a year ago looked different for many reasons, one of them being our current global pandemic. It is unfortunate that so many of the wonderful graduates of this year were not able to have an in-person ceremony to celebrate due to COVID-19 concerns. However, I hope all graduates this year know how proud of you we are during these challenging times, and that we will do our best to celebrate with you in the ways we can. We cannot wait to see all of the incredible things you will do next, no matter what they may be.

Congratulations to the new graduating class of 2020 on your accomplishments, and to my graduating class of 2019 – we made it one whole year after our undergrad, woohoo!! Cheers to all of you, wherever you may be. 🙂

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