Three Years of Being a UBC Grad

Today, we are taking a look back at my UBC graduation, which is already THREE years ago from today!!! It is crazy to believe that much time has passed, while simultaneously, it feels like soooo long ago now. I completed my undergraduate degree at UBC in 2019 and it has certainly been a whirlwind since – I suppose 2019 was our last “normal” year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit too! Since then, life has been filled with the transition from “student” to “full-fledged adult” (apparently)… hopefully I’m doing this adulting thing right!!

So much has happened during that time, and even in the last year, many changes have come my way. Last year was a big one financially, as I paid off my student loans in full, purchased a car, and then re-located to Kelowna. Learning to live on my own and re-build a community in Kelowna has definitely been an eye-opening experience, and though I experienced some significant mental health challenges last fall, I have continued to take the time I need to prioritize myself and my wellbeing. It can be difficult to prioritize these aspects, but it is one of the biggest things I’ve learned since graduating – and something I wish I had realized much sooner!

I’ve also continued to grow in my role at work and expand my knowledge in many different ways. Of course, we also launched The chiaragoesglobal Podcast a year ago, which has been a ton of fun working on over the past year. I have been feeling the momentum and the growth and am now getting ready to step into a new role. I am very excited for the potential of something new! Though I have come such a long way since graduating, and have grown personally and professionally SO much, I still feel that I am not quite where I want to be yet.

I suppose that is the point of this life: to always be learning, growing, and changing. For a long time, I felt like it was a bad thing to always feel that I am searching for what’s next. I felt like there must be a way for me to be present and content with where I’m at, without constantly searching for the next thing. Nowadays, I think a combination of both is where it’s at. I can be content with where I am, while still being hopeful and optimistic about the future. This is my current headspace and while it is possible that next year I may have a completely different mindset, for now I’m here! 🙂 And I am happy with that: happy about where I’ve come to this point, and where I am going next.

Cheers to the future of work, education, and life – wherever it may take us. <3

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