The chiaragoesglobal Podcast turns 1!

Today marks a very special occasion for us at chiaragoesglobal. On top of celebrating our six-year anniversary recently, we now get to celebrate one year of The chiaragoesglobal Podcast!!!

The past year has been a wild ride. Podcasting was generally new to us but we think we’ve gotten the hang of it by now! Our first season was filled with past travel stories, coping with mental health struggles and the COVID-19 pandemic, critiquing colonialism and white privilege, dealing with adulting and relationships, navigating changing seasons and life circumstances, adventuring within BC and across Canada, and more!! We have had so much fun producing all of this content for you, across 26 amazing episodes. We’re going to spotlight a few of our most-listened-to episodes so far!

Our top episode still remains Our Story, which discusses how chiaragoesglobal and The chiaragoesglobal Podcast came to be. If you’re looking for a place to start, this is it! It just so happens to be our first episode, and we dare say, it’s a great introduction of us and what’s to come for the remainder of season 1.

Our next popular episode is called Global Travels: Eastern Europe – Prague + Budapest (Episode 2). We recount our time exploring the Czech Republic and Hungary, which is part of a larger three-week solo journey – the infamous tale of how chiaragoesglobal got it’s start. This is a great option if you’re wanting to dive-in headfirst to our travel content! Re-living the adventures is always fun for us, and we have many additional Global Travels featured throughout our season 1 episodes.

We also feature Canadian Adventures as well, and another popular episode covers our adventures in the Lower Mainland (Episode 19). I definitely recommend listening to this episode if you’re from the Lower Mainland or wanting to visit in the future! Our other Canadian Adventures episodes available this past season cover Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and other parts of BC – including our home turf, the Okanagan Valley.

Another important episode to highlight is My 2020 Mental Health Journey (Episode 4). This is another one of your favourite episodes, and takes a deep-dive into mental health and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on me, particularly when it first hit in 2020. We discuss mental health in detail in many of our episodes, make sure to check out all of our content from season 1 for more!

Our first season has officially come to a close and we will be taking a short break before diving in to season 2. Thank you to everyone who has supported The chiaragoesglobal Podcast over the past year! We would love to hear your thoughts about the podcast. What did you like from season 1, and what did you dislike? What would you like to hear more of in season 2? Feel free to comment on this post your thoughts, or you can message us directly via Facebook and Instagram! You can reach out to us directly through our contact page on our website as well! We want to create community, and hearing your thoughts + incorporating them into our next season is what we are all about. <3

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Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to The chiaragoesglobal Podcast – anywhere that podcasts are available! “Talk” to y’all soon. <3

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