Celebrating My Cousin’s Wedding

celebrating my cousins wedding

For those of you who have been following me closely on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll know that the past few weeks have been buuuuusy! I celebrated my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, and after that, relocated to Toronto for a new job! Soooo much to discuss! Today, I’ll be focusing on the time we spent celebrating my cousin’s wedding. It was such a spectacular day filled with joy, tears, connection, and a whole lotta love. I’m sharing a few of the highlights with you all below!


The venue location was absolutely beautiful. It was held at Estate 248 in Aldergrove, BC. Located right beside a golf course, the venue has two rustic barns and tons of green space. The ceremony was held in one of the barns and the reception was held within the green space, covered by gorgeous tents. We were surrounded by lush greenery and it had a very rustic, down to earth vibe – perfect for the newlyweds!

Throughout the weekend festivities, I stayed with my family in a nearby Airbnb, which was super fun and meant we were located very close to the venue. We all wanted to be close to the action because my cousin is the first one of us to get married! It was truly the perfect location and I’m so glad we all had a chance to be a part of their special day.

Ceremony + reception

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. It was a no-phones ceremony which felt extra special, as we were truly able to focus on the couple themselves and celebrating their love. Seeing my cousin walk down the aisle with her dad and our Nonno was incredible. We all cried! I hadn’t been to a wedding in a VERY long time, so attending this one was extra special for all of us. ♥️

After the ceremony, we all gathered for a champagne toast hosted by my cousin, the bride’s brother. Then, it was my turn to step into my role as MC! I welcomed our guests in to cocktail hour, and we had time to mingle, chat, play games, grab drinks, and more. Shortly after we were heading into the reception, which featured an expansive buffet for dinner. I had so much fun being a part of the festivities! I got to introduce the couple, introduce the wedding party, invite folks up for speeches, direct guests to the buffet, and more. I’d say my first time MC-ing a wedding was a success and I truly enjoyed it! Plus, getting the chance to dance it out on the dance floor later in the night was a blast.


As I mentioned, my cousin is the first one of us cousins to get married in our family. It is a very big deal to our family and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful couple to look up to! I am sure that the rest of us were slyly taking notes about how spectacular this day was, in the hopes that our own weddings in the future will be half as wonderful. Congratulations again to the happy couple!! 🥂

I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of their special day. Being the MC for the evening was extra special to me and I am honoured that I was asked to do so! It was wonderfully perfect and we’ll continue to celebrate their love in the weeks to come! ♥️

What’s next?

For those of you who follow me on my Instagram and Facebook, I’m sure by now you will have heard the news about my move across the country to Toronto! Just this past week, I made the trek out with my car, driving across Canada from BC to Toronto. I relocated to Toronto for a new job and have already had my first week of work! There is so much more I’ll be sharing about this new adventure with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post all about driving cross-country! Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter here to be the first to hear about new updates as well. Much love to you all!

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