Spring + Summer Toronto Adventures

Happy summer, Toronto!! I’ve been living in the city for almost a whole year now – which is ABSOLUTELY WILD to me – and I thought it was time to share more of my adventures in the city with all of you. Read on for more about my spring and summer Toronto adventures!

Let’s talk it all the way back to early spring. I had a photoshoot with my friends to promote my friend’s hair pin business (truly the most gorgeous), which was super fun. I also spent some time doing spin classes and going for spring walks, soaking in the fresh flowers and sunshine. I’ve definitely had my fair share of enjoying the blooms: cherry blossom season, the Toronto flower market, and flower shops in the city all make for a ton of wonderful options. Plus, my book Blooming features allllll of the flowers as well – don’t forget to order your copy here 😉

As we begin to head into the summer months, it’s time to explore the markets and enjoy some food + drinks! I recently checked out Stackt Market, which is a great spot to spend time in as it features a range of shops, food, and drink options. Kensington Market is another incredible option – it’s honestly one of my favourites for exploring different cultures and cuisine in the city ! Plus they have pedestrian-free Sundays in the summer, which is the perfect opportunity to explore and meander between all of the different shops in the area. Of course, you can’t forget to enjoy some ice cream in the summer too 🍦

There’s also a ton of festivals that come up in the summer. Already, I’ve been to Pride and celebrated Canada Day this past long weekend. The festivities at Woodbine Park were a lot of fun! There’s always new restaurants and cafes to check out as well. A few spots I’ve explored lately include Italian restaurants Cibo Wine Bar and Vivoli, drinks at Bellwoods Brewery, and coffee at Forget Me Not cafe. Plus, checking out different music festivals, parks, and museums have also been great. So far, I’ve explored Allan Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens – so gorgeous! 💐

As costs of inflation have gone up, I’m doing my best to spend little money this summer, so I’m super grateful for these free activities to enjoy. There are also many places such as museums that typically offer free admission at certain days/times, so make sure to check out their websites before you visit! I’m looking forward to exploring more of what Toronto has t offer this summer. Hopefully, I’ll survive the humidity too! 🤪

Do you have any tips for summer in Toronto? Drop your suggestions in the comments! Enjoy your summer, folks ☀️

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