December at UBC: An Update on My #UBCBucketList

Lately, I haven’t been discussing my #ubcbucketlist much. In the midst of other trips and working, plus all of my school work, it has been pushed to the back burner a bit. But, I’ve still been living some of those smaller UBC moments that are just as bucket-list worthy.

Whether its staying up late to finish writing a final assignment or paper, cramming studying at the last minute for finals, or being relieved that classes are finally over for the semester – all of these moments are equally important as those ‘big’ moments. In fact, I find it’s often these little moments that add up to forming a big part of our experience as a whole. I’m trying to hold on to these little moments as much as I can before they all begin to slip away.

Sometimes, even just being a student can be overwhelming. It is difficult to balance the competing demands of everything, and as much as I would love to attend every fun event and soak up as many new experiences as I can, sometimes it just is not possible. My studies is always going to be my first priority, and that in itself brings its own memorable moments. Finally finishing that course that you hated but had to take because it was a requirement, submitting a paper that you are really proud of, feeling the weight lift from your shoulders as your classes are ending… yeah, those are all memorable moments too, and they are also worth celebrating.

As this semester draws to a close, I’m happy that my classes are ending, and I’m looking ahead to the final semester of my undergrad ever!! The next semester is sure to bring lots of bucket-list worthy moments, whether they are the small ones like studying your butt off to ace that exam, or the big ones like gearing up for the anticipation of graduation. Whatever the next semester brings, I’m ready to make the most of it.

Best of luck to everyone completing their final exams and papers this semester, I know you can do it and finish the term strong! I better get back to writing my final papers too, and in the mean time, I’ll be looking forward to what my #ubcbucketlist will bring in the new year.

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