A Relaxing Reading Break in the Okanagan

Hi everyone! Has anybody else been hit by the mid-February blues yet? I definitely have. I’m in the midst of reading break at the moment, and in my last post, I talked about really feeling the chaos of everything in life. That reality is somehow feeling even more real right now, and though reading break is supposed to be a time for a “break” from the chaos, it hasn’t really felt like much of a break for me – everything is very much still in full swing. I’m trying to capture as many moments of rest as I can before I head back to school for the final crunch of the semester. I recently visited the Okanagan again and took in a few of those moments.

I went back to the Okanagan just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a girls night, making cupcakes and just catching up. It was nice to take a brief break from the chaos and chill out for awhile. Afterwards, I spent the majority of my time in the Okanagan focusing on homework, as I am right in the midst of the semester and have a lot of assignments on the go. I did try to squeeze in as much time as I could catching up with family and friends, eating some great homemade food, and relaxing (watching The Bachelor while drinking some Okanagan wine was a great way to do so!). The Okanagan was also very cold and snowy, so I adventured in the snow a little bit too – though we’ve also been having our own snow adventures here in Vancouver too lately.

Even though my brief visit to the Okanagan wasn’t really a “break,” it was still a nice change of pace and scenery. I’m back in Vancouver now and trying to get ahead of my assignments as much as I can before we’re all back in school next week. It’s hard to believe I have only a month and a half left of this crazy journey called school! What happens afterwards still remains to be determined, but until then, I’ll be making the most of every experience possible. For the most recent updates, make sure to follow my Instagram – plus, I have some exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, so make sure to stay tuned 🙂

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