Soaking Up The Little Moments in Vancouver

In my last post, I talked about how I could feel that I was on the cusp of having school and my other responsibilities take over my life very soon – and boy, was I right. I’m now REALLY feeling it with assignments and midterms in full swing, and though reading break is only a week and a half away, it’s still feeling a bit chaotic to try and balance everything. Plus, can you believe we’re already one month in to 2019?! Crazy.

But, in the midst of studying for midterms and focusing on assignments, I’ve also had the chance to soak up some of the little moments in Vancouver. Though we’ve been hit with a bit of a cold front at the moment, previously it had been pretty nice out. It’s been mostly sunny with very little rain lately, and I know that talking about the weather might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but feeling the sun beaming on my face makes a big difference for me, and I try to soak up as many of those moments as I can. Hopefully this brief snowfall we got will clear up soon and Spring will arrive to bring us more of those sunny moments!

Recently, I also had the chance to visit some of my cousins in Coquitlam. It was so nice to catch up with them and explore a bit more of the Lower Mainland as well. Even when we’re stressing about all of the different dynamics in our lives, it’s important to take a break and connect with others. I’m glad I had the chance to do so, and I’m trying to take more of these moments in the next few months so I don’t become completely absorbed with the pressures of my last semester.

With that said, it has been quite busy so far and it’s only going to continue to get busier. Over the next few months, I’ll be doing my best to balance school demands with other priorities, all while trying to enjoy every moment of this semester – which definitely presents a challenge when you’re cramming for a midterm at the last moment 😛 but, we do what we can. Luckily, I’ll be taking some time to rest a bit over reading break, during which I’ll be travelling to the Okanagan for a few days. I may have some more travels coming up later this Spring, but they are still in the works for now, so stay tuned to see how it all works out. To keep tabs on my most recent Vancouver adventures, make sure to follow #chiaratakesvancouver on Instagram 🙂 and best of luck to all my fellow students in the midst of the semester!

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