Vancouver and Beyond: Heading Into the Fall Season

In my last post, I talked a lot about the transition to being an adult from being a student. Lately, I’ve been continuing to adjust to that transition, while also soaking in the last remnants of summer in Vancouver and enjoying this city before I head out on the road (more on that later!).


It has already begun to slip into fall now in Vancouver, with rain the past few days. Before that happened, though, it was actually quite sunny and I got the chance to enjoy the weather in a few different ways. I visited some relatives in Coquitlam and had the chance to relax in their pool overlooking the city, which was amazing. I also visited the Luminary Festival in Delta and got to take in an adorable festival in a serene setting. It’s been great to have the opportunity to explore different parts of the Lower Mainland.

vancouver 4

Apart from adventuring in the Lower Mainland, I’ve also been soaking up the sunsets in Vancouver, walking along the beach, and exploring my neighbourhood. Spending time playing pool with friends and catching up over coffee never hurts either. Sometimes, it is so important to take the time to slow down and breathe and reconnect. That’s definitely something I’ve felt like I needed lately.

vancouver 8

Having all of these activities going on has made me feel like I’ve been able to strike a bit more of a balance between work life and life outside of work. Work life itself has also been spectacular. We’ve been pretty busy gearing up for the fall season, but we’ve still managed the time to squeeze in some bonding activities, like joining the entire campus for a staff lunch and grabbing ice cream together when we have the chance. It has been really nice to get the opportunity to enjoy time with everyone before the fall hits and we are all wrapped up in our own activities.

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Speaking of which… we are finally diving into the fall season, and I could not be more excited. Yesterday was my last day of work in the office, because we are all going to be hitting the road. I am very excited to have the opportunity to travel throughout BC for work. I’m going to be visiting a lot of places that I have never been to before, and it will be great to have the opportunity to explore them while I’m there. To keep tabs on my travels throughout BC, you can follow #chiaraexploresbc on Instagram! So looking forward to this journey and sharing it with all of you. More to come very soon 🙂

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