Six Years of chiaragoesglobal!

This time of year is very exciting because we get to celebrate our anniversary of the creation of chiaragoesglobal! For those of you that may not know, chiaragoesglobal originally began as a way to document my adventures travelling abroad, while I was on an academic exchange for my studies in the UK in 2016. Since then, we have experienced a LOT of changes! We’ve grown from a small travel blog to a full-fledged website, where we share a range of experiences and write about various lifestyle, travel, and wellbeing topics. We’ve also expanded to launch a podcast last Spring, which has been a fun new adventure for us!

The site itself has changed as well: from starting as merely a travel diary of sorts, chiaragoesglobal was re-launched in 2017 to capture more of my travelling adventures. We continued to focus on the blog for the next couple of years, and after graduating from university in 2019, chiaragoesglobal was expanded to a full-fledged website with more details about our academic and work experience. In 2021, we also launched The chiaragoesglobal Podcast to reach our audience in a new and exciting way. We’ve recently given the site some fun updates as well, that we couldn’t be more happy about!

As we continue to grow here at chiaragoesglobal, we always think it’s important to take a look back at how far we’ve come. We are going to highlight some of our favourite moments over the past six years!

Of course, if you want to start all the way back at the beginning, you can read our very first blog post that started it all – detailing our adventures in Prague, Czech Republic – the first stop on the infamous three-week solo trip that truly started everything. Read the full post here.

One of our most popular posts over the years has been The Wake-up Call. It’s another infamous one that really dives in to some of the changes that occured throughout 2017, when we re-launched chiaragoesglobal after taking some time off. These changes prompted the big move to Toronto and a few months later, moving to Vancouver. It’s truly one of my most vulnerable posts to date! Read the full post here.

Another big transition occured in 2019 when I completed my undergraduate degree. Finding a way to celebrate on the blog and share these details with all of you was very special to me. You can catch all of the details here!

After the chaos of the pandemic (or I suppose you could still say current chaos?), my mental health took a bit of a nose-dive, and I started writing more about mental health here at chiaragoesglobal. Discussing my mental health journey in 2020, when the pandemic hit us all particularly hard, is another one of our most-read blog posts. You can read the full post here and make sure to visit our wellbeing section for related blogs.

Launching The chiaragoesglobal Podcast was another big milestone for us! It’s been so exciting to take on a new creative challenge, and has been so rewarding to engage with you all in a new way. We are getting very close to our one-year anniversary of the podcast, so make sure to watch this space for a breakdown of some of our favourite episodes! And if you haven’t already, you can visit our website to listen to all of our episodes, and subscribe to the podcast anywhere that podcasts are available.

Of course, this past fall we made the move to Kelowna a bit more permanent. We chat about the recent move in one of our blog posts from 2021, and since then, we have been busy adjusting to life in Kelowna.

So, what’s next for chiaragoesglobal? Well, we have many exciting things in the works. First, we are hoping to finally start travelling internationally again – fingers crossed that we can get out there sometime later this year. Then we can get some more ‘global’ content for you all again! 😉 We will also be bringing season 1 of The chiaragoesglobal Podcast to a close and prepping for a second season shortly. Plus, we have some other exciting creative projects on the way – you will definitely want to keep your eyes on this space for updates 🙂

You can stay connected with us through our Facebook page, Instagram, and we are hoping to launch an email newsletter very soon! Thank you for all of your support on this journey. We are so grateful to have you along for the ride. <3

Cheers to 6 years!

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